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Telebroker is a direct agent of numerous insurance companies both italian and foreign


In 2018 it became a wholesale Broker of Onix Asigurari S.A. ( www.onix.eu.com) , specialized company in the field of sureties and security deposit insurances , with an  important solvency ratio and underwriting capacity for each risk , authorized in Italy , and many other countries like Romania , Spain , Portugal, Austria, Bulgaria , Germany , France , Poland , Greece, Croatia , Hungary , Slovenia , thus being able to assist all companies that have or intend to expand their interests in those geographical areas.

Our agency , making use of primary collaborations of the highest professionalism, in the specialist insurance sectors ,even the most particular ones , manages to quote any risk at the best  contractual conditions and at the most advantageous rates.

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Security Deposits

Whereas your business needs a security deposit insurance , we are the best ally in the big of European intermediaries .

Insurance Sureties

In any context, in need of a surety, your company has a guarantee of a wide range of solutions.

Technological Risks

We thought different solutions for
to meet the protection needs deriving from new technological tools

Telebroker S.r.l.

VAT Number: 14682231007

Operational headquartersLargo Amilcare Ponchielli 6 , 00198, Roma , IT

  • Tel.: +39 3481581056
  • Email: info@telebroker.it
  • PEC: telebroker@legalmail.it​


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